Standard interior door dimension

door dimension

What are the dimensions of a standard door ? What are the dimensions of an interior door and a disabled entrance door? What is the standard interior door width ? What is the door height ? How to measure the size of a door and its frames?

Standard size of an interior door

The dimensions of interior and entrance doors are standard. The NF P 01-005 approved standard provides for leaves with a width of between 63 and 93 cm, a thickness of between 2.9 and 40 cm and a height of more than 2 meters, generally interior doors are 2.04 m while a entrance door measures 2.15 m.

Standard door width

The width of a door is standardized, it is useful to provide the space necessary for the correct opening of the door. The door width means excluding frame and door unit, there are 4 types of door widths :

However, it is possible to combine a door with two leaves. That is to say, two doors of 63 cm each. The width of the smallest possible door leaf is 33 cm which you can combine with any other door widths according to your wishes.

The majority of doors installed in recent constructions of the BBC type have a width of 83 cm which tends to become THE standard for interior doors because it allows the passage of wheelchairs .

Standard door height

If you know your door dimensions, you can hire a carpenter to purchase and install the interior door. Get better prices for purchase and installation by receiving up to 5 free quotes.

Custom doors

If your door frame is not of standard measurements, how do you install a door on this type of door block? There are several solutions depending on the case:

If the door block is a few centimeters closer to the size standards: cut the door yourself or go through a DIY sign. This solution turns out to be the most economical.

The advantage of adapting the size of the door with transoms or thirds is to gain brightness in your home at a reasonable cost compared to a custom-made door.

Disabled door dimension

The standards put in place by the State aim to make houses and apartments for which the building permit dates from 1 January 2010 accessible to the disabled. the use of a wheelchair. The width of the interior doors and entrances is therefore an essential point to make circulation within the dwelling possible.

Disabled door width

The “useful passage” must be greater than or equal to 77 cm to ensure good wheelchair circulation.

For entrance doors: the width of the door must be at least 93 cm. The “useful passage” must be greater than or equal to 83 cm to ensure good wheelchair circulation.

And a door maneuvering space that allows a person in a wheelchair to open, go through and close a door independently. As a general rule, it is expected that the “width of the corridor” + the “width of the door” are greater than or equal to 2 meters.

Disabled door standards

The standard for “doors passable by all” is clear. Whether for a business, a residential building or a detached house. The place must respect specific rules:

A maneuvering space : possibility of making a U-turn if necessary. Entrance doors must provide this maneuvering space on both sides of the door.

A minimum useful passage width.

The position of the door handle and lock as well as the effort required to operate the handle must be less than 5 kilos.

It is advisable to approach the specialized organizations for more information concerning the accessibility of the handicapped people in a public place. Depending on the type of door: with access control, airlock, glass doors, there are rules to follow to facilitate their use.

Take the size of a door

For doors being renovated, it is important to take the measurements yourself because it is possible that the size of the door is not standardized. For that, nothing very complicated. To measure the dimensions of your doors , provide us with a simple tape measure and take all the necessary measurements.

The dimensions to take for a new installation

The new installation of a door consists of installing the door + the door unit. This type of installation is suitable in new constructions or when the door block that is in place is degraded and needs to be changed.

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