How to clean a parking lot like a professional?

parking lot like a professional

No one likes a dirty or smelly parking lot. If you have a parking lot that needs cleaning or are trying to get rid of bad smells, there are a few simple steps you can follow.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the products you’ll need to clean your parking lot, how to fight bad odors, and some tips for keeping your parking lot clean.With just a little effort, you can have a clean, smelling parking lot that everyone will enjoy!The products needed to clean your car park.For the cleaning solution, use a special car park cleaning product which will:  deep clean , degrease , remove tire tracks and  remove bad odors such as urine.Below is a selection of powerful garage and parking cleaners designed for and by professionals.

 The equipment needed to clean a parking lot.To clean your car park, you will need, if you use a manual cleaning technique, suitable protective equipment ( PPE ), a hose with reel, a hard-bristle brush broom.Below is the editorial selection:Large hard bristle outdoor brush broom Large hard bristle broom. The steps to follow to clean a parking lot

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, you can start cleaning your parking lot. Before you start, think about making room. Here are the main steps below.

#1 Install signage

Remember to notify users of the dates and duration of parking lot cleaning . We recommend the use of signage suitable for outdoor use, such as the Rubbermaid mobile safety gate .

#2 Get rid

of bulky and large miscellaneous waste. Empty the trash cans and rent a dumpster if necessary. You will find  tear- proof garbage bags for heavy waste and rubble at Delcourt.

#3 Check your equipment

Check the integrity of the safety barriers and all other equipment: stopper, bumper, posts and parking barrier. Clean the exhaust grates and gutters.

#4 Dust off surfaces

, walls, ceilings, not to mention street furniture. We recommend the use of a  telescopic wolf head broom for dusting at height.

#5 Dust the floors

With a  suitable cleaning machine such as a sweeper that will capture dust but also waste the size of a soda can. We recommend using the  1250 E ICA battery-powered ride-on sweeper , it is capable of cleaning up to 7440 m² in one hour.

#6 Cleaning the walls with a high-pressure cleaner

Washing your walls with a high-pressure cleaner removes dust by quickly causing the particles to fall to the ground while stripping at the same time.

We recommend the use of a  cold water thermal pressure washer in order to gain power and efficiency while eliminating the constraint of electrical cables. You will therefore have a greater radius of action.

#7 Floor cleaning with a scrubber drier

If your car park is larger than 3000 m², we advise you to use a  ride-on scrubber drier for greater efficiency.

Floors will be clean and dry in one pass. Some models have a yield of up to 9000 m² per hour.

#8 Degreasing the parking lot

It must be effective against greases , mineral oils , motor oils and all stubborn stains.

#9 Remove graffiti

If pressure washing is not effective, use a concentrated anti-graffiti product and a professional label remover. So you can say goodbye to tags. Remember to use a  professional anti-graffiti cleaner for porous surfaces .

#10 Remove tire marks

Use a professional tire mark remover which has the particularity of softening the rubber. So you don’t have to scratch too much to clean.Complete the cleaning with a scrubber with stiff brush for stripping floors and stubborn deposits.

#11 parking lot drying

Do not neglect this step, especially if you use a manual technique. Forgetting this step is one of the sources of bad smells.Which cleaning machine to use to wash a parking lot or a garage?Make sure you have a machine that is suitable for the size of your car park. Three main types of machines are generally used by the pros:

How to fight bad odors in car parks?

You can start by getting rid of and cleaning with a concentrated anti-odor exterior cleaner for sale on If you have a pet waste problem, you may need to provide more trash cans and/or pick up waste more frequently. Think in this sense to offer a dispenser of canine hygiene bags  in the event of an accident.You can also try using air fresheners or deodorizers to help mask bad smells.Tips for keeping your car park clean and free of bad odors.Keeping your parking lot clean is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health and safety.A dirty parking lot can be a breeding ground for bacteria and pests, and the bad odors that come with them.Here are some tips to keep your car park clean and free from bad smells:- Sweep debris regularly.This will help prevent buildup and reduce the chance of pests taking hold.- Wash regularly

Wash all surfaces with disinfectant or soap and water.

– Remove rubbish quickly

Rubbish left in the car park can attract pests and cause bad smells.

– Repair any leaks or spills immediately

Leaks can cause stains and attract pests. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming a slip hazard.

– Have a regular maintenance schedule

This will help identify potential problems before they become a problem.

Outdoor parking sweeper

What you need to remember to have a car park that is always clean

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