Bad smell from pipes, what to do?

Bad smell from pipes, what to do

You walk into your  and your senses are attacked by an unidentifiable foul odor . The bad smell of the pipes can come from the toilets, an Italian shower, a washing machine, a micro station but how to remove it. If it is possible to remove the bad smell naturally with baking soda, there are products such as Destop to stop the rising odor.

Finally, you head to the sink and the sewer smell is even stronger. Most of the time, this rising odor from the pipes invades your whole house. We are often asked how to eliminate these sewer odors naturally, we answer you in this article.What are the causes of bad smells coming from the pipes of the house ? How to remove the foul smell from the pipes? What are the natural remedies for a stinky drain?The bad smell of your pipes spreads throughout the house. A pipe that smells bad is not inevitable, you have to understand the cause of bad smells from the pipe.

Residues in the sink cause rising odors

Primarily, foul odors come from bathroom or kitchen sinks. For good reason, there are hair, food, the substance that is called “dirt”, grease and other debris can clump together in the siphon. The whole thing becomes a veritable breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in stinky pipes .A clogged drain is the main cause of rising odors in a bathroom. Before embarking on major pipe unclogging work, take a look at the siphon.

Gases escaping from the pipes

Sometimes gas from the sewer can escape through the piping . Plumbing problems such as cracks, bad connections or problems with joints are then the cause of this inconvenience.

Clogged sewer pipes

Check to see if water is starting to have trouble flowing into the sink or sink. Blocked pipes can also cause particularly pestilential odors to rise. Tartar, limestone, too much residue can create a blockage in your pipes and make it difficult for water to flow. We frequently encounter when unclogging the toilet or sink.

Sulphates in water

Sulphates in water can cause a particularly unpleasant smell. This often happens when sulfate-reducing bacteria enter the system and react with the sulfates in the water heater. This phenomenon is characterized by an emanation of a specific rotten egg odor .

How to detect the place of the bad smell of drain?

Bad sewage smells in the bathroom or kitchen are similar to a distinct sewer smell that won’t go away. No matter how long you clean the toilet, sink, shower. This can be due to a variety of issues in the drainage system and is not necessarily the result of a clog.

To track down the source of the bad odor , there is a method called smoke testing which involves pumping non-toxic smoke into the duct system and following it through the piping to see if the smoke escapes anywhere other than the by pipeline. It is a simple but effective method for detecting broken joints, poor connections or cracks in pipes. These cracks allow sewage to seep into the ground, which could be the source of the sewage smell wafting through the house.

Rising odors can also come from septic tanks. A key indicator is the sound of gargles in the sink. Having your septic tank emptied will prevent these noxious odors from entering the home through toilets and sinks. It is also a good idea to inspect the manhole cover of your drains to make sure they are secure. Ill-fitting manhole covers can, in fact, cause sewer gas to leak into the home.

How to get rid of bad sewage odors?

Drain odors are never pleasant, often bothersome and generally intermittent. How to get rid of sewage smells coming up from the pipes in your house ?

How to clean your siphon?

The siphon is the bent pipe through which water flows from the sink, the washbasin, the bathtub. All kinds of rubbish can therefore accumulate there, hence the proliferation of bacteria and bad odors .

Thus, if the rising odors come from the sink, the washbasin or the bathtub, it will be necessary to clean the siphon . You can do this by blowing hot air into the drain using a hair dryer. A more radical solution consists in detaching the siphon to empty it, it is a rather simple operation, although messy to do. It can be successful provided you put everything back in place and check for any leaks afterwards.

bad smell sink drain

If the bad smell comes from your sink, the first thing is to dismantle the siphon and clean it. There is a lot of residue at the level of the siphon which creates the foul smell of the pipes

Pipe odor control products

To deodorize your toilet pipes, you can use anti-odor products specially formulated for this purpose.For the pipes in your kitchen, we advise you to opt for degreasing products in order to eliminate any accumulation of grime. Similarly, for shower pipes, there are anti-odor products with a descaling and antibacterial action .ormally indicates the steps to follow and the break times, the precautions to be taken.

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