Repair broken window glass

broken window glass

How to fix a broken window ? How to replace a broken window ? How much does it cost to change a broken tile ? Work to change a broken pane on a window or a French window is accessible to all do-it-yourselfers. However, repairing a broken pane requires a few tools and good protection. If your window pane is cracked or broken, find out how to repair broken window pane step by step: remove the broken pane and replace it with a new pane.

A broken window pane is a small problem that can quickly become unmanageable: wind, cold, humidity, insects and small animals, not to mention security risks. In the event of glass breakage, there are first of all some good reflexes to have to stem the damage and have the right reflexes with your insurance, but the most important thing is to think quickly about the repair: which support to change? What type of glass to choose ? Finally, a quick glance at the maneuvers to be carried out for a successful and effective replacement will help you overcome this accident.

There are many causes of glass breakage . Bad weather, fun activities, the fall of a plant or an object are some of the most common. Liability may be assigned to persons living in or using the premises. In any case, be aware that a multi-risk home insurance contract, which is compulsory for both owners and tenants (with the exception of tenants of furnished accommodation), includes a civil liability component covering the repair of the glass, which, therefore, will not be the responsibility of either the tenant or the owner.

Be careful though, because if it is clearly established that the breakage of the glass is not attributable to the tenant of the accommodation, it is the owner who will have to pay for the repairs and certain multi-risk insurance taken out by tenants are based on this subtlety to refuse to reimburse the replacement of the glass. Unless the window frame is old and damaged, there is usually no need to change the window jamb . This would be to engage in more onerous and complicated work than the circumstances dictate.

It is advisable to go to a DIY store or to a supplier of panes of various thicknesses, cut to measure, and which will do the job very well. On the other hand, if you have any doubts about the origin of the breakage, this may be an opportunity to bring in a glazier to give his opinion: the frame may have become sensitive to the wind or to changes temperature and gives play to the glass, in which case

Average price of a window pane / bay window pane

The  price of replacing glazing consists essentially of the price of the glass. If you do the work yourself, you save the cost of removing the broken glass and the cost of installing new glazing. There is a very wide range of glazing, but depending on the setting and the period of construction of the building, you will not necessarily be able to choose just any. Depending on the type of pane ( single, double or triple glazing ), the price of a window pane can vary from single to triple. It is therefore advisable to carefully compare the prices of window panes, bay windows or French windows before placing an order.

Single glazing price

On an old construction with wooden or iron frames, the glazing is generally simple, provided for a maximum glass thickness of 3 to 4mm. In this case, the price of the glazing per m2 is between €20 and €25 . If you want to have your broken single glazing replaced by a professional glazier, the price per m2 will vary between €45 and €60 for this glass repair. Including supply, removal and installation.

To calculate the price of window panes , you must measure the dimensions of the pane to be replaced, the price of single glazing will change proportionally. For more recent constructions there is a chance that the frame can accommodate thicker glazing. The price range is therefore also wider:

Prices for double and triple glazing

Recent window or bay window frames (from the 80s) are more likely to support double or triple glazing. Depending on the surface to be replaced and the quality of the glass (lamination, etched-acid), you can find prices for double glazing  oscillating between €45 and €130 per m2 on average. The cost of double and triple glazing can increase if the manufacture is made to measure.

With regard to triple glazing, which makes it possible to benefit, in addition to thermal insulation, from good sound insulation, and from an additional guarantee of safety, the choice is more limited, and like double glazing, installation can only be done by a qualified glazier. The prices therefore depend on the window estimate provided by the craftsman you call on. Expect a price range at least 40% higher than double glazing.

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