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What is the price per m2 of painting work ? How to calculate the cost of a professional painter per m2 ? Discover the details of the price per m2 of the painting work of a dwelling (walls or ceiling).

The price of painting work per m2 is calculated according to the condition of your walls or ceiling. Moreover, it is necessary to count the preparatory work such as the removal of an old wallpaper or the application of a smoothing coating to the wall. Contact a house painter for an estimate of painting costs.

The prices and tariffs of painting work vary according to the type of renovation to be done: condition of the walls to be painted, removal of wallpaper necessary. It will then be necessary to prepare the walls before applying the paint on the coating.

The difference between the price per m² and the hourly cost of a professional painter:

The experts at Maison en travaux invite you to discover the 2023 hourly rate of a professional painter . As mentioned in this article, painting companies do not always offer their customers an hourly rate, but more generally a price per m² of painting work .

Which seems more logical, because the price of painting jobs varies according to the surface to be painted and the price of your painter . Thus, the amount of the estimate of your painter will be much more precise by using the surface of the work in question.

The price of painting work per m² is more precise:

The hourly price of building painters is an estimate of the duration of the work based on the area to be painted. Therefore, the calculation of the amount of painting work is more accurate if you directly take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe work, and not the estimated duration.

It is also easier for a professional painter to “inflate” the estimate of the duration of the work by offering you an estimate with his hourly rate . By calculating the estimate in relation to the m2 to be painted, you thus greatly limit the risk of being tricked by your painter and paying too high a cost for your work project .

Here is how to calculate the price per m2 of painting work:

Calculating the cost of painting work per m2 is very simple: surface to be painted in your house or apartment X price per m2 of your painter. Please note, to calculate the price per m2 of painting work, it is the surface to be painted, that is to say the wall and / or ceiling surface in m2 and not the floor surface. By estimating the surface of your walls to be painted, you can easily calculate the average cost of painting work.

For example, to calculate the price of painting the walls and ceiling of a 30m2 room, there are approximately 85m2 to paint multiplied by the price per m2 of the painting. That is an overall cost for these painting works of around €2,500.

Of course, you must ask the price per m2 of the painting work from your professional painter before the start of the work . Also, be sure of what is included in this cost per m2 and what is not!

Estimates of the price of interior painting work

The price of carrying out painting work by a professional painter, to refresh its walls and ceilings, varies between 20€ and 40€ per m2.

Here are examples of prices for interior painting work, including preparation of the substrate, application of an undercoat and layers of paint, depending on the room to be repainted and its surface:

The price of painting work is 30€ on average

Whether you contact a painting company, an auto-entrepreneur, count on average 30 euros per m2 for painting work including the preparation of the support. The painter acts as a coater in the event that your support is very damaged.

Laying a finishing coat,

More generally, the price of painting work per m2 includes the supply and installation of materials to repaint the walls or ceiling of a house or apartment. €30 per m² is therefore the average price offered by professional painters . To get an idea of ​​the cost of painting, repainting a room of 30m2 will be charged around 1000€, depending on the professional, to the owner.

Quickly get a painting quote to know the amount of your work project with Maison en travaux. Professional painters in your department will send you a comparative quote. Comparing paint quotes saves on the total cost of the project. Get paint quotes now:

The price is cheaper to repaint the walls

For the painting of the walls of a house or an apartment , it is necessary to count between 25€ and 30€ per m2 approximately . Painting the walls of a home is relatively simple, especially for professional painters who have all the tools necessary to carry out the work.

On the contrary, when the work concerns the painting of a ceiling , the painting work is more complex and requires more precautions: protection of the floors, more advanced painting techniques, etc. It is therefore necessary to project a price per m2 of 30€ to 35€ for the painting of a ceiling .

By using a professional painter or a painting company, you are sure to be satisfied with the result provided that your painter is a true professional. Do not hesitate to check his skills by contacting some former clients.

All the prices and rates for the painting work mentioned in this article are exclusive of tax and per m² . If you want to calculate the final price of your painting work , don’t forget to add VAT, i.e. 10% for individuals.

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