How to decorate and furnish your home office in 7 steps 

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At Kollori, we see that more and more people are creating a home office. Whether in an apartment or a house, the installation of a workspace at home allows you to concentrate and establish a partition between private life and professional life.

The home office is particularly suitable for teleworkers, freelancers, freelancers and business creators. To feel good there, it is necessary to furnish and decorate the room to a minimum. Kollori gives you some tips to apply that will make your workspace perfect.

Choose the right part

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The choice of the room in which you set up your office is essential! This space – where you will spend a good part of your day – must be welcoming but also practical in order to preserve your health.

If you have a large family, consider soundproofing. So favor a room away from the rest of the living rooms so as not to be disturbed by ambient noise and the comings and goings of your loved ones.

Also remember to protect your eyes: bet on natural light by opting for a work spot near a window or glass door.

At nightfall (for the most motivated among you), bet on a desk lamp or a suspension, skilfully chosen according to its inclination, its color and the power of its bulb!

Choose a quality office

Second step, choose a desk that suits your work style. Some will rather opt for removable desks that allow you to work sitting or standing , others for a more traditional table . The material chosen is also important: for example, glass is more elegant but less solid, while wood is comfortable but more expensive.

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To work from home, it is necessary to feel comfortable. Several choices are available to you.

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And for longer sessions, think about your back and focus on the ergonomics of your seat . For more information, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated article on choosing an office chair .

Select practical and colorful storage

Several basic types of storage exist to tidy up your home office. For example, get an office locker (or an office bunk) that will be used to store your documents and papers. Try to sort at least the type of document you are going to put in their lockers: urgent and less urgent.

Also think of original and colorful boxes to organize your files but also your work accessories! You can also opt for a colored pencil holder to add a little warmth to your office.

Create a cozy space

The interest of telework is also to register a break with its professional framework. So create a cozy and cocooning space, a warm environment in which you will want to work. Opt for a rug and a plaid at your fingertips, which will make you feel good and protect you from the cold!

#LePetitTipsKollori : Don’t work alone! Your pet probably follows you everywhere and it’s a good thing to relax during your sessions. So do not hesitate to arrange a small place for him near you: he will be delighted… and you will too!Imagine an original decoration or design

Imagining a light office decoration for this room is also good for morale. Don’t hesitate to personalize your offices with things you like (figurine, poster, goodies etc…). The decoration will energize your space and may be a source of inspiration for you: so create a space that suits you!

office poster

Add greenery

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Greenery (big trend in office design in 2020 ) will be more than beneficial to you. Bet on artificial plants for the visual side or on real plants to benefit from the benefits of our green friends!

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