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Due to the preparation of food, the cooking of dishes or the cleaning of dishes, kitchen walls quickly become dirty. Between grease stains, steam, and splatters…they can quickly deteriorate. It is therefore important to choose a washable and moisture-resistant wall covering  in this room.

If you think wallpaper should be avoided in a kitchen, think again! With the renewed interest in this coating in recent years, brands have designed wallpapers suitable for wet rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

trendy kitchen wallpaper

– Washable wallpaper , as its name suggests, can be cleaned. An essential criterion if you choose to put it in a kitchen. How to recognize a washable wallpaper? A logo with 3 waves appears on the packaging of the roll. This type of wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp sponge and a little cleaning product without fear of being damaged.

– Vinyl wallpaper has high moisture resistance. Indeed, it is covered with a thin layer of PVC which makes it waterproof . Vinyl wallpaper also hides the defects of a damaged wall. It thus avoids a long preparation of the surface before laying. Convenient !

– Non- woven wallpaper is a mixture of cellulose (main component of any type of paper) and polyester fibers (synthetic material). It is also covered with a layer of vinyl which makes it particularly resistant to stains and moisture. The thicker it is, the stronger it will be! Like vinyl wallpaper, it conceals flaws in a wall without fear of letting them show over time.

kitchen wallpaper trend

Even if these types of wallpaper are relatively resistant and suitable for damp rooms, note that they are still paper wall coverings , applied with glue. Avoid hanging wallpaper near heat sources or water points in your kitchen, in which case it is best to protect it with a glass or plexiglass sheet as a splashback. There are also varnishes that waterproof the wallpaper.

wallpaper in a kitchen under glass

For safety, choose a heat-resistant wallpaper if you still want to put it near the hob or a sink. It is specially manufactured not to catch fire or peel off in contact with abundant water.

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About the cost and installation of wallpapers suitable for the kitchen

Do you want to adopt the wallpaper trend in your kitchen? Its cost adapts to all budgets. The price of the roll varies according to the type and quality of the paper, the more or less worked design… For very small budgets, why not crack on a few lengths which will give pep’s or a little originality to your kitchen? You don’t need a total look to adopt the wallpaper trend!

a few strips of kitchen wallpaper

The first prices for non- woven wallpaper are around 10€ per roll . They are wider and heavier than conventional rollers. For  XXL panoramic non-woven wallpaper , the roll can cost  up to €400  ! However, the latter are more suitable for a living room than a kitchen due to their size. It’s up to you to see what best suits the size of your room and your decor.

Entry-level, a roll of vinyl wallpaper costs an average of €12. For the most high-end wallpapers, the price of the roll can rise to more than 50€ per roll . Do not forget to count in your budget glue and other consumables.

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Now let’s talk about work! Wallpapering is delicate  and requires dexterity. Avoid hanging wallpaper yourself , if you have never done it and if you are alone. You risk ruining your materials with rookie mistakes and straining your nerves.

Also, be aware that you will need a certain number of tools to carry out the installation in good conditions. If you are not a good handyman, it is better to entrust your work to a qualified and well-equipped person.

To hang wallpaper , proceed in this order:

  • Prepare the wallpaper glue following the instructions on the package
  • Take measurements of the lengths, transfer and mark on the wall
  • Cut the lengths, one by one, especially if there are connections, to avoid errors
  • Gluing on the wall the width of a strip, gluing the strip, letting it overflow a few centimeters at the top.
  • Smoothing from the center to the end (chasing the air bubbles in other words)
  • Passing a damp sponge over the junctions, between each laying of the length.

– Cut the edges of the wallpaper with a cutter, using the smoothing knife so as not to tear the paper.

Advice : Non-woven wallpaper is the easiest to install thanks to its gluing to the wall. Note that the gluing of some wallpapers is done on the paper (placed on a wallpapering table) and on the wall, or only on the wallpaper. Take care to check the type of sizing of your wallpaper before you start.

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Deciphering the kitchen wallpaper trend

Whether we like to concoct good meals or not, the kitchen remains an essential living room in a house, which we use several times a day. Just like a bedroom or a living room, it is no exception to decorative trends! We think carefully about its layout, its accessories, and also its materials. Functional, optimized and well decorated, this is the secret recipe for a pleasant kitchen.

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